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Safely control flow from the pump to multiple control guns

Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems offers several control valves to safely direct water flow from the pump to two or more water jetting control guns.

Multi-Mode Air-Operated Control Valve is typically used in 40K air-assisted control gun operations for surface preparation, as with a Vulcan Stripper. The Multi-Mode Tumble Box is unique in its ability to adapt to the application for
(1) Dry-shut operation
(2) Single-gun, low pressure dump operation, or
(3) Multi-gun operation in which each gun requires a Multi-Mode tumble box.
The Multi-Mode features fast cartridge overhaul so your waterblasting operations stay on line!

The FDV (Flow Divider Valve) is available 15K and 20K models, and allows two dump-style control guns to be operated independently from a single pump source without effecting the pressure of the other gun. The total pump flow is divided between the control guns and system pressure will be maintained when either gun or both guns are dumping.  With three models to choose from, Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems has all the tools to make your job easier and improve your bottom line.

The PRS Nitrogen Regulated Pressure Unloader Valve for Multiple Guns in Pressures from 15,000 - 40,000 PSI.  The Gardner Denver PRS Unloader is a nitrogen regulated pressure unloader valve that increases productivity and improves safety. The PRS Unloader safely maintains 98% pressure levels for up to 12 control guns, allows safe depressurization of guns and hoses in approximately 10 seconds, and bleeds down pressure automatically when pump is shut down. In pressure ratings from 15,000 to 40,000 PSI, with flows of up to 60 GPM at 20,000 PSI. Available as an accessory mounted to Gardner Denver Liqua-Blaster water jetting units. Available as dolly-mounted assembly for increased portability.

Associated Equipment
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Design Advantages

FDV - 15K  & 20K

  • Simple to set up. As easy as: (1) set pressure, (2) lock it in, (3) ready to use.
  • Simple to overhaul using the Gardner Denver Quick Change Valve and Seat Assemblies.
  • Can be mounted on the pump unit or set up remotely on the ground.
  • Adjustment is made by hand (no special tools required).
Associated Equipment

Multi-Mode is associated with Vulcan Stripper Rotary Control Gun, Air-Operated Control Guns, Air-Assisted Control Guns, Dry Shut or Shut-Off Style Control Guns, Aqua-Prep wall washer

FDVs and PRS Nitrogen Unloader Valves are used in dual or multiple control gun operation, including Gardner Denver hand-held control guns and foot-guns.

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