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Vertical Multi-Lancing Positioner for Tube Bundle Cleaning

Pressures to 40,000 PSI

Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems proudly offers a new, innovative Vertical Multi-Lancing (VML) Positioner as an alternative to standard X-Y positioners. This new tool positions your StoneAge lancing system for faster and more thorough cleaning of vertical heat exchangers. The VML Positioner consists of an expandable stainless steel frame mounted on three wheels, that holds a carriage to move the lancing machine over the surface of the heat exchanger. The entire assembly is designed to move freely over the exchanger tube interface. The VML Positioner provides a safer working environment by keeping the operator away from pressurized water jetting hoses and spray. Compared to other conventional devices on the market, the VML Positioner reduces downtime for the plant with its short set-up time, adjustable and consistent cleaning speeds and better overall cleaning results.

Standard lancing machines available to work with the VML Positioner include: Multi-Four stationary lances with up to 21,750 PSI (1500 Bar) MAWP.; Single Rotary One rotating lance with up to 40,000 PSI (2800 Bar) MAWP.; Dual Rotary Two rotating lances with up to 40,000 PSI (2800 Bar) MAWP.; Complete lancing machines can be ordered with air or hydraulic drive. The VML Positioner can be equipped with an optional hand wheel to control the movement of the entire unit across the heat exchanger.

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