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15K Dump Style Tuf-Guns

Dump Style, Double Dump and Zero Thrust Guns

The Gardner Denver all-new Tuf-Gun series of hand-held control guns offer lighter weight and ergonomic design combined with the power to handle the toughest cleaning jobs effectively. The block and cartridge are stainless steel, while the fully adjustable handles and shoulder stock are made of a durable light-weight high tensile polymer. Endurance trials by cleaning contractors have given these guns rave reviews.

Each features the famous Gardner Denver 60-second cartridge overhaul, fully adjustable shoulder stocks and hand grips, and a unique safety trigger latch to prevent accidental discharge. It is recommended that all precautions are taken when using these, as with all water jetting equipment, including proper training, the use of protective rubber slicker suits, Water-Armor, eye & ear protection, and helmets with face shields.

15K Dump Style Tuf-Gun - The Gardner Denver series of dump guns is designed for optimum operator safety and comfort. Options include 3/8" or 1/2" inlet, and a choice of ergonomic or T-style shoulder stocks. Each is equipped with a fully-adjustable dump discharge tube so the operator can aim the dump water.

15K Double Dump Tuf-Gun - Designed in answer to increasing demands for the use of control guns with two dump ports for added safety. The DDLT features durable stainless steel and aluminum construction, plus rear safety trigger latch, lighter weight and excellent balance.

15K Zero Thrust Tuf-Gun - Designed for underwater or topside applications where balance is critical. The equal forward and backward thrust allows the operator to be in balance. Constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and a vertical inlet connection for underwater use.

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