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For over a century GD Energy Products has been building a reputation as the leader in pump innovation and reliability.

Our waterjetting division continues this tradition of excellence by building the absolute best high-pressure pumps on the market today. We use those industry leading high-pressure water pumps as the basis for our rugged water blasting units.

Waterjetting Pumps, Units and Accessories

Waterjetting Units 100 Series 300 Series 330 Series 450 Series 550 Series
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Bare Shaft Pumps 100 HP - T-300 Pumps 150HP - TY-300 Pumps 300 HP - TY-375 Pumps 330 HP - TF-450 Pumps 450 HP - TX-450 Pumps 600 HP - QF-450 Pumps
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Pump Replacement Parts Partek Pump Parts Weatherford Pump Parts Pump Service Kits
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Water Flow Control Valves High Flow Dump Valves Automatic Throttle Control Valve Pressure Regulating Valves Pressure Relief Valves
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Control Guns 15K Control Guns 20K Control Guns 40K Control Guns
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Foot Guns 15K Foot Guns 20K Foot Guns 40K Foot Guns
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Safety Equipment Safety Manuals and Videos WaterArmor Whip Checks
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Nozzles 10/15K Tube Cleaning Nozzles 20K Tube Cleaning Nozzles 40K Tube Cleaning Nozzles Pineapple Line Moles
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Featured Application: Commercial Cleaning and Sterilization with Waterjetting Equipment

Our versatile waterjetting systems provide powerful, environmentally safe solutions for solving difficult cleaning and surface preparation problems. We are proud to offer waterjetting pumps, units, rental units and accessories that can aid in the cleaning and sterilization of common areas, HVAC chillers and other applications related to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

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Benefits of Waterjetting - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning for Hard Surfaces

There are many benefits to choosing waterjetting over mechanical or chemical methods of cleaning, including:

  • No hazardous waste is created, such as fumes, gases or particulates
  • Waterjetting streams are non-toxic and free of chemicals
  • No material limitations for the application
  • Uses are versatile enough to pressure test, clean, prepare surfaces, cutting, chemical injection and more
  • Easily transportable for mobile cleaning
  • Can accommodate pressures from 8k-40k PSI

Waterjetting Rental Program

Did you know GD Energy Products has waterjetting units and accessories available for rent? Whether you are looking to reduce costs or only need equipment during routine or unexpected shutdowns, you can reduce capital expense and secure the waterjetting equipment you need through our rental program. Available with local delivery and service in the Gulf Coast Area.

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