Dump Style Tuf-guns

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GD Energy Products offers a full range of waterjetting control guns including dump style tuf-guns, footguns, and dry shut tuf-guns. These control guns range from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI and come with various features to fit your industrial needs. See our catalog of high-pressure gun solutions below.


Lightweight, durable, and economical the GD Energy Products 15K Tuf-Gun series of hand-held control guns offer lighter weight and ergonomic design combined with the power to handle the toughest cleaning jobs effectively. In stock and ready to move.


Made with aluminum and a hard strength polymer our 20K GD Energy Products’ dump style guns give the power you need for your 20K waterblasting job. These guns have a quick change cartridge and a quick change nozzle assembly for reduced down time. Contact your GD Energy Products representative today.


Engineered to exacting standards the GD Energy Products 40K Tuf Style blasting guns bring the power of 40K with the same standards as our other pressure guns, sturdy, lightweight, and reliable. The 40K dump gun is a dependable alternative to an expensive rotary gun set-up, contact a representative and see how much you can save with our 40K Tuf Guns style waterblasting gun.

15K Control Guns
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