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High-Pressure Pumping Units

550 Series

550 Series - Pressures from 4,500 - 20,000 PSI, Flows from 43 - 193 GPM, Power to 600 HP

The 550 Series Multi-Blaster units are designed in answer to higher flow and horsepower requirements for power plant cleaning. Equipped with our QF-450SB/HC pumps, these units provide more usable flow and pressure than any other similar unit on the market. All units include diesel engine or electric motor, appropriate drive system, fuel tank (diesel), pump filtration, pump instrumentation, and safety relief system. Gardner Denver Multi-Blasters offer ultimate versatility with Instant Pressure Range Conversions possible through IPRC Technology, pumps can be converted for different pressures on location in the field. The pump is a quick change pump that can change the QF450SB plungers from 4,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI or QF450HC plungers from 15,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI. We have the capacity to change plungers without the requirement to change valves. The simplest change out in the market.

Gardner Denver has created a perfectly-engineered system that will provide more useable energy than any other waterjetting product on the market. Each Multi-Blaster 550 Series unit includes a Partek QF450 quintuplex pump. The Partek QF-450 quintuplex pump consists of the power end and a fluid end. The power end, consisting of a crankshaft, connecting rods, and crossheads transmits power from the pump driver (either diesel or electric) to the fluid end. Two standard fluid ends are offered for the QF-450; the sectionalized “L” (QF-450SB) for pressures from 4,000 to 10,000 PSI, and the Inline (QF-450HC) for pressures up to 20,000 PSI. Our QF450SB/HC pump is ideal for power plants or other locations that utilize semi- or fully automated systems.

When equipped with our sectionalized fluid end (QF 450 SB) which features valves of the inserted type, it is possible to use water from cooling lakes or other “dirty” water sources. All units included diesel engine or electric motor, appropriate drive system, fuel tank, pump filtration, pump instrumentation, and safety relief systems.

This is the legacy of having the most rugged reliable pump in the industry.

550 Series Multi-Blasters

90D Diesel90-077,00048318.268.99067T-300M
90D Diesel90-088,00055215.6599067T-300M
90D Diesel90-1010,0006901243.59067T-300M
90D Diesel90-1515,00010348.833.49067T-300M/H
90D Diesel90-2020,00013796.6259067T-300H
90D Diesel90-22.522,50015516.1239067T-300H
90D Diesel90-4040,00027593.513.39067T-300UH
75E Electric75-077,50051718.369.37556T-300M
75E Electric75-07.57,50051714.454.57556T-300M
75E Electric75-1010,0006901141.67556T-300M
75E Electric75-1515,00010348.130.77556T-300M/H
75E Electric75-2020,00013796.1237556T-300H
75E Electric75-22.522,50015516.1237556T-300H
75E Electric75-4040,00027593.212.17556T-300UH
125D Diesel125-099,00062118.26912593T-300M
125D Diesel125-1010,00069016.361.712593T-300M
125D Diesel125-1515,000103410.238.712593T-300M/H
125D Diesel125-2020,00013797.729.112593T-300H
125D Diesel125-22.522,50015517.729.112593T-300H
125D Diesel125-4040,00027594.115.512593T-300UH
100E Electric100-1010,00069017.465.810075T-300M
100E Electric100-1515,000103410.338.910075T-300M/H
100E Electric100-2020,00013797.729.110075T-300H
100E Electric100-22.522,50015517.729.110075T-300H
100E Electric100-4040,00027594.115.510075T-300UH


  • Pressures from 4,500 - 20,000 PSI;
  • Flows to 193 GPM;
  • Available in variable-speed with stick shift and clutch;
  • Available with electric motor or diesel engine with 300-gallon fuel tank;
  • Heavy duty quintuplex pump for smooth operation;
  • Filtration system, rupture disks, and relief valves
  • Ideal for concrete demolition, power plant and air preheater cleaning;
  • Easy field maintenance with common tools;
  • Thirteen-speed heavy duty transmission for distinct pump speeds;
  • 3-plate clutched PTO for independent engine operation;
  • Mounted on heavy-duty rigid steel skid with fork lift slots.
550 Series Multi-Blaster
QF-450HC Pump
QF-450SB Pump
600 HP - QF-450 Pumps
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